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If Christmas Were Fiction, It Would Make No Sense

When I have been part of a Bible study or discussion group, I am often affected deeply by the flawed nature of every human discussed in Scripture, except for the God/Man who came at Christmas.

In a sense, it is base-level proof of the truthfulness and reliability of the Bible. The Bible as pure propaganda certainly wouldn’t include sordid tales of our predecessors screwing up more than they succeeded. They would be entirely sanitized of any wrongdoing to make them appear more important.

Just about every example of a leader in Scripture did things which would disqualify them for leadership in a church today.

The story of Christmas is not exempt from this standard of evaluation.

The reason Christmas has such power over the world is because it is true and an accurate portrayal how God the Father sent his son into the world.

But, if you were to write the story of Christmas as a novel, it would make no sense. It would be unbelievable at best and at worst, downright silly.

The late bestselling novelist Tom Clancy said, “The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.”

Christmas must be true because it makes no sense.  Here’s why:

  • Mary was not important beforehand. She needs to be a remarkably accomplished woman worthy of such an honor.
  • Mary’s pregnancy is impossible humanly and medically speaking.
  • No room in the inn? This is the Son of God coming to earth in human form, for Pete’s sake. Certainly the “Caesar-Suite” was empty for the night.
  • Angels do not randomly appear to shepherds abiding in a field somewhere nearby. Angels appear only to important people in high places.
  • Star-events are scientifically predictable and explainable. No miracles please.
  • The unsanitary nature of the stable and feeding trough/bed would have caused myriad infections and no caring parent would place their child in such a place.
  • Wise men and other important types do not just show up with expensive gifts for someone they haven’t met. These people always expect something in return.

The Biblical story of the life of Jesus through his ascension about 33 years later reads like a really poorly written novel, which leaves me only one conclusion, it must be true.

Merry Christmas.

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